Sunday, 21 October 2012

Skip or Auto Bypass, Adfoc & Linkbucks Links !

If or links annoys you and you don’t want to wait for 5 seconds Here is method how to Bypass Adf or Adfoc Links and save your 5 Seconds.Mostly it will be useful for Mobile Users because many times I see mobile users struggling to bypass Adf links because it stucks to 1-2 seconds and doesn’t show “Skip AD”  Tab, Then you need to refresh it again, It happens with most of users.

1. Just use this website to skip the Adf or Adfoc links and get the Direct link hidden behind them.
Works for both Mobile and PC users.


2. Just Create a New Bookmark in Your Opera Mini or any other browser-
Save it with the name of Adf Killer, Now whenever you click any Adf link then simply open your Adf Kiler Bookmark, It will directly show you “Skip AD” Button without waiting for 5 Seconds.

3. Install GreaseMonkey Addon in Firefox, If you haven’t installed it yet, Follow below Link.
Restart Firefox after installing it and Follow the below given link.
Click on Install in Right Hand Side.

Note: These are links ! After installing the script Try if it is working on thses links :)

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